Create Personalized Links:

With our PURL platform, it is easy to create personalized links within seconds. To be effective, Personalized URLs must truly provide your targets with an intuitive web address that inspires them to visit and interact with their personalized web pages. Our PurlPromo platform supports the best format for the creation of PURLs, easy for the recipient to read, remember and type into a web browser.

Example of PurlPromo PURL: Example of other company PURL: www.youroffer/johnsmith

Add Various QR Codes:

A QR code, when scanned by a phone or other mobile devices, it can access a mobile landing page, which can be a coupon, a promotional video, a lead-in to register the customer to win prizes, and more. With our personalized QR technology, the ways of use QR codes are endless with significant effect. QR codes used as map directions, let your targets scan the direction into their phone conveniently. With the QR codes, you can send your business card to your targets, putting your contact info in your customer¡¯s phone with a personal message from you. Scan the QR codes to view videos on the mobile devices to check latest products, promotions, etc. With our advanced personalized QR technology, you can add as many coupons as you like to the QR code. When a target saves the coupon, it is sent via text message. You can track how many customers save which coupons accordingly and get better understanding of the effectiveness of your advertising. Using the QR codes for targets to scan and register to win big prizes. When scanned, the customer¡¯s information will be prefilled in the registration form. We provide real-time reports with click through information and customer data. You can also use a static QR codes and let customers complete the registration form. Whatever ways you use our QR codes, you will meet with a totally new growth of your business.

Design Personalized Landing Pages:

The experts at PurlPromo helps you to design the most personalized landing pages with eye-catching marketing tactics to meet your needs for the successful campaigns. Generally speaking, our customized landing pages are among the major four styles.

1. Landing Pages with Customized Video You can give us the video you have created before or we can create one to your demand. Then, the customized the video will be inserted in the personalized landing pages. Click here to view a sample.

2. Landing Pages with Random Award On our current data base, there are plenty of games playing online could be selected for the PURL. For sure, we can also create a new one. An accidental prize will be released once the game is over. Then, the online playing game will be included in the personalized landing pages to arouse more interests of the customers. Click here to view a sample.

3. Landing Pages leading to Schedule an Appointment Online If the appointment schedule technology is used in the PURL, the personalized landing page can enable customers to make an appointment online easily after they registered at the page. You can also offer additional savings once the appointment is confirmed. Click here to view a sample.

4. Landing Pages Direct to Savings Certificates If you do not need any additional marketing tactics to capture the attention of the targets, you can go forward to our basic personalized landing page that leads targets to certificate. However, you can add your home website on the certificate, so the customer may take the convenience to further access your own home page for more information. Click here to view a sample.


Provide Accurate Analysis and Real-time Reporting

We provide you the most accurate analysis of your targets, such as his credit, his property conditions, his vehicle values, polk information, etc. All the extra valuable information of your customers will be accessible easily on our reporting system. And with the reporting system, you keep real-time activity of your audience on their PURLs. Response and react quickly and also automatically to their action.

See how and why we can provide accurate analysis, click here.

See how and why you can access the up-to-minute reports so easily, click here.

See how and why you can react so quickly and effectively to the audience¡¯s action, click here.

Integrate PURLs with Multi-channel Marketing

Multi-channel Marketing is marketing using many different marketing channels to reach a customer. PURL as a very effective marketing method plays an important role in multi-channel marketing and is also widely used in Direct Mail Marketing, Email Marketing and Printing Ads.

PURL Used in Direct Mail Marketing

Mail your prospects and customers with a bonus offer of the direct mail piece to entice them to visit their personalized landing page online. You can also add a scan to win barcode to your mailer to attract them to come to your store for big prizes. Whatever you do, just attract their attention with your PURL and other promotion statics to engage your customers to get further information about your products or service and even lead them to visit your store.

PURL Used in Email Marketing

PURL is used typically by marketers with email marketing, send prospect or customer a PURL via email and the prospects and customers can access their personalized landing pages, which provides highly relevant products or service to them. It is our nature to care more about our relevant stuffs than other and the campaign will be sure to get more attention of prospects and customers. Eventually, the campaign will be more effective and brings more business opportunities and growth.

PURL Used in Printing Ads

PURL used in printing ads is also very helpful, especially to engage more potential customers. Print your particular product promotion offer or special offer on the paper printing ads with PURL of static landing pages, it gives your prospects more opportunities to get more information to your offer and you also get more chances to launch plenty of your offers and service on the PURL of static landing page.

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