React Automatically according to Customers¡¯ Activity

After pre-analysis and based on the recipient¡¯s activity on the Personalized Landing Pages, PURL campaigns carried out by our platform can react automatically according to the audience¡¯s actions, such as a ¡°Thank You¡± email to their registering on the microsite, a ¡°Certificate to Win¡± email to their online game playing prize or a ¡° Schedule Confirmation¡± email once they made an appointment online, etc. The theme and the content of the trigger emails are not confined to the listing examples before. You can set up whatever ¡°triggers¡± you¡¯d like to meet your specific PURL marketing targets and purposes.

Grab the Optimal Time to Approach the Potential Customers initiatively

With PurlPromo system, you will never be regretted of losing the optimal time to reach potential customers. The very second the recipient registers at the PURL landing page, you will receive an instant notification, telling you the personal information of the customer and his responses to the questions in the PURL landing page.

You cann¡¯t miss it and there is no better time to enhance your products and service to the customers than within minutes of them telling you their intention.

In a word, PurlPromo makes it easy for you to implement a cost effective email marketing campaign that helps you stay connected with your audience and customers to boost sales and encourage loyalty and repeat business.

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