What We Do

Marketing, at its best, is personalized to each target. That's why carry out Personalized URL campaigns: To initiate a more customized communication between you and your audience. Every activity and data is collected, analyzed and measured on our marketing platform, responding more quickly and effectively to your audience's action. In short, we help you to reach brand new heights of profits by carrying out effective PURL campaigns.

Why We're Here

In this digital age, accurate data is the key factor to create personalized marketing event. This is also why we are here. With state-to-art technology and accurate kiosks, you can pre-analyze your customer's personal information, such as property conditions, vehilce values, credit ranges and etc. The accurate information will be sent to you immediately once your audience registered at the landing page. No chance to miss any valuable information to provide customized offers. Generally, if the more accurate information is collected, the more personalized offers to the target audience, the more prone they are to react positively and the more chances you generate sales leads.


Who We Are

PurlPromo is the leading Personalized URL marketing company located in West Virginia. Our team is composed of experienced PURL experts with creative ideals and professional skills. With years of experience and advanced high-techs and cooperated with top-grade companies of each field, we aim to bring the best personalized url campaigns for you and help you to launch a successful cost-effective marketing campaigns. If it is executed well, the results will be more than three times better.

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